Underlying Difference between Electric Fireplace and Built-in Fireplace

Selecting the right type of fireplace can make a massive difference to the look and feel of your house. The trick lies in choosing the right type.

Electric Fireplace Insert

These are mostly of two types. The first one is a four-sided box with logs on a grate. It works as a complete unit. They can be placed anywhere in a house, close to the electrical outlet. The second type is the electric log insert set which normally fits inside an existing masonry firebox for a cost-effective and hassle-free way of adding warmth and character.

With simple installation, they too require an electric outlet. Significant works get eliminated as they do not require ventilation. They can be plugged in and used directly.

A built-in fireplace

A permanent installation in the house, it can be fitted just about anywhere. Built from good quality and sturdy materials, it can be easily installed without much cost. Normally, they are dual voltage and can be wired to a 110 Volts or a 220 Volts. The higher voltage would double the heat output. They eliminate any burning flame anxieties and thus are quite safe to use. Even though actual flames are not present here, the flames are incredibly lifelike.  For More Information About the built in fireplace, Please Check Provided Link.

Moreover, they can be used with heat option turned off as well as on. It makes them a unit that can easily be used throughout the year and not just in cold months.

Based on your need, space available and budget, you can choose between the two.