Rely on lie test services to get complete custody of your child.

Not always men are at fault nor women are at fault in taking care of kids. There are chances that men and women both are neglecting their children in which case other parent should take care of their kids. It is possible that your partner may not be letting you take custody of child as they are afraid of not receiving maintenance cost that you may be sending her on a monthly basis. On the other side, it is also possible that your partner may be taking custody of child showing some false reasons like you being mentally disturbed and hence not advisable to let kid live along with you.

But, this may not be true and your partner may be playing around with your emotions just to get hold of your property or other monetary benefits. If you do not want to give away even a single penny to your partner, then it is always better that you consultĀ  lie detectors uk who could help you with getting complete custody of your kid. Since you could also approach legally in this aspect you do not have to worry about anything else. Of course, you do not have to be afraid of paying for their services as they would considered financial situations of their clients and would charge reasonably.
Though you may feel like amount charged by them is far too high, you could still plan to hire them because they do not let you fail in getting complete custody of child without letting your partner get visiting rights for child. All that you should do is to make your kid comfortable with you and give your kid assurance that situations are going to be better than ever before. You could find their services online.